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houdini & mouse

a little bit about them

On September 23rd 2017, eleven Australian guinea pig rescues worked together to bring 200 neglected guinea pigs into care. Volunteers drove 7 hours to transport these darlings from Avondale to South East QLD, where they were then delegated out to rescues in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Lockyer Valley. Most (if not all) the sows were pregnant, and all the piggies had varying degrees of sores, injuries, mange mites, lice and fungal infections. Mouse (top) was one of these piggies. When he first came into rescue care, Mouse was incredibly unsure and timid around people. He spent most of his time hiding in terror, and didn't understand what beds, toys, pellets or vegetables were. With a little bit of patience and a whole lot of love, Mouse slowly became the happy and healthy little piggy that he is today. He's learned to trust us humans and is very vocal when he hears his food being prepared! Mouse likes to sniff our fingers through the safety of his cage grids, but he's still quite hesitant of being picked up and cuddled. With a little bit of patience and understanding, we have no doubt that Mouse will learn to trust all people and settle in well in his forever home.

On that same weekend, we received an email from the lovely Jan. A stray guinea pig had been living under her property for a month. He'd eaten his way through her succulents and he'd caught the attention of a neighbourhood cat. Knowing that the cat could catch him at any moment, Sanctuary volunteers went out to try and catch him first Our volunteers immediately visited her property and the speedy little piggy was glimpsed, but difficult to catch. So traps were set with food and water, and beds were placed all around the backyard for some comfort after a month of living on dirt. After two days we were finally able to catch him and bring him into rescue care. When Houdini first came to us he was timid and terrified, and didn't understand what soft beds, fresh veggies or pellets were. But after a few weeks of love (and the company of his new piggy friend Mouse), this sweet little boar finally started to come out of his shell. He's still hesitant of new people, but with soft words and gentle cuddles it doesn't take him long to get to know you.

Approximately 2-3 years old
Approximately 2-3 years old
Boar (entire)
Boar (entire)
American short hair
American short hair
Pink eyed white
Gold agouti

ready to adopt?

Mouse and Houdini are available for adoption to a non-breeding, quiet, indoor home with no or older children, with supervised time in a secure outdoors enclosure when the weather permits. A minimum floor space of 10.5 square feet (a 2x4 C&C cage) is required, though the more space you can provide the better it is for exercise and play.

Their diet should consist of high quality grass hay available to them 24/7 for unlimited grazing, 1/8th of a cup of high quality pellets (such as Vetafarm or Oxbow) per pig, per day, and one cup of fresh vegetables per pig, per day. Please avoid mixes containing seeds and "coloured bits", which are incredibly unhealthy and can be a choking hazard. Do not feed any meat or dairy products, these can be fatal to guinea pigs. A list of safe fruits and vegetables can be found at

Due to their difficult past and prior lack of human interaction, the pair will take some time to trust new people and until then they'll be a little shy and timid at their new home. Mental stimulation with various toys and foods is key so that they can learn the investigative behaviours that they were previously deprived of. Their new family must be gentle, patient and understanding of their needs.

adoption fee: $50.00

their adoption fee includes their pre-adoption vet check, mite and lice treatment, bath, groom and nail trim
If you would like to bring Mouse and Houdini into your home and heart, please click below to submit an Adoption Enquiry form.