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A comprehensive (and cute!) guide to cavy care

Guinea pigs make amazing pets! They each have their own personalities and it doesn’t take long for the little nuggets to wriggle their way into your heart. Their favourite things to do include eating, sleeping, and - well - all that food has to go somewhere! Because of this, a common misconception is that guinea pigs are an easy, low maintenance pet. While they do have less requirements than the average cat or dog, they still need a lot of time and care.
So how do you find out how to best care for your piggy? Well the simple solution is usually to look up your questions online."Simple", until you get overwhelmed with everyone's different (and strong!) opinions!

This was us years ago. There are too many forums, too many blog posts, and traditional text books are boring or hard to read. All that clicking through page after page of information is enough to make anyone grumpy! And at the end of the day, how do you know if you can trust what you're reading?
Is it really too much to ask for one source of information, so that you can spend less time searching the internet and more time with your piggy?

Introducing our Guinea Pig Care Guide!


An easy to read, fully illustrated care guide to help guinea pig parents of all experience levels! Download your copy today and take it with you anywhere.

our guide covers many topics, including:

  • The questions you should ask yourself before bringing a piggy home
  • The different breeds of piggies that you can keep as a pet
  • What your piggy's sounds and behaviours mean
  • The best housing requirements to keep your piggy happy and healthy
  • The pros and cons of different types of bedding
  • How to keep your piggy warm when its cold, and cool when it's warm
  • Important aspects of diet and nutrition
  • A table of all the fruits and veggies we know your piggy will love
  • How to introduce two or more piggies together
  • How to bathe, brush and trim your piggies nails
  • A comprehensive medical guide with an A-Z list of common illnesses

and much much more!

All proceeds go straight back towards our rescue and our piggies in need, helping us pay for food and vet bills



Our Care Guide is available on Gumroad, which offers a safe payment portal for purchase. It's priced at $20 AUD and offers payment options in other currencies through current exchange rates. Gumroad accepts payment by credit card or PayPal, and your purchase receipt will be emailed directly to you. Click on the button below to purchase your copy today!


Are you a pet store that sells guinea pigs? Are you interested in a short, two-paged guide for your staff to have on hand, with information on diet, housing, and assessing the health of a piggy in store? Download this guide for you to print and use as liberally as needed.

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