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guinea pigs available for adoption

Have you every considered bringing a guinea pig into your home and heart? While many pet stores do offer guinea pigs for sale, shelters all across the country are currently homes to many guinea pigs that deserve a second chance at happiness. All of our rescues will go their forever home vet checked, bathed, groomed, brushed, wormed, treated for mites and lice, and with their nails trimmed. Our guinea pigs are available for adoption to indoor homes only, with supervised time spent in a secure outdoors enclosure when the weather permits.

Under NO circumstances are any of our piggies available for breeding! A lot of our rescues came to us from environments where they were bred repeatedly, and have lingering health issues due to their past circumstances. They deserve a stress-free, family home where they will be loved and accepted without being required to breed.
Please refer to the cage size guide available at the bottom of this page for an idea of the appropriate cage size to give your guinea pigs room to play, exercise, and safely (and happily!) interact with one another.

ready to adopt?

Please note, as we're primarily a Sanctuary for guinea pigs with long term medical needs, we very rarely have guinea pigs available for adoption. If we currently don't have any guinea pigs ready for a forever home, please find a list of other guinea pig rescues HERE. 

Guinea Pig Cage Size Standards

C&C grids and other guinea pig cage essentials can be purchased in Australia through
A guinea pig's cage is their home. It's their bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen combined. So why is it so important to give your piggies their minimum space requirements, if not bigger?
Why is it so important to give your piggies their minimum space requirements, if not bigger?
  • It promotes exercise, preventing obesity or cardiovascular issues, and reducing the risks of bumblefoot (pododermatitis), urine scalds, diabetes and other associated conditions.
  • It provides personal space, so that a herd of guinea pigs have the option to have some alone time.
  • It provides mental stimulation. Living in a small area for your entire life is incredibly boring and can lead to depression and anxiety.
  • It's more fun for you! Happy, healthy piggies are more social and friendly, and definitely more entertaining to watch while they play.