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archie & ruby

a little bit about them

Archie (top) came into our care in November 2018. He was previously at a pet store waiting for a home but he unfortunately didn't get along with any of the other piggies in store, and so he was kept in a small area on his own and was frequently overlooked. The wonderful staff knew that this was no life for a piggy, and so Archie made his way to our Sanctuary. Archie was very timid when he first came into care. He would jump and scream and do whatever he could to get away from our hands. He didn't understand what veggies were, and it took a long time for him to be comfortable enough to come out of his snuggle sac when we were in the same room, let alone near his set-up. While he's still nervous around strangers, Archie has slowly learned that us humans aren't all that scary and he's even come to enjoy gentle lap-time cuddles. We look forward to watching him come out of his shell even more, and we'll hopefully find him his forever home someday soon.

Ruby (below) came into our care on the 3rd of July, 2018, when her owner noticed her bleeding from her genitals. After staying overnight at UQ Vets Small Animal Hospital for observations, diagnostics were done to check for bladder stones, ovarian cysts, cancer and any other possible causes. Nothing definitive was detected, so our wonderful vet team made the decision to spey her to avoid future complications. Her post-op care had its ups and downs, with more overnight stays at UQ Vets when she suddenly experienced diarrhoea 2 weeks in. But we're pleased to say that she has since made a full recovery and she and Archie are ready for their forever home.

Both Archie and Ruby like to sniff our fingers through the safety of their cage grids, but they're still quite hesitant of being picked up and cuddled. Once picked up and after being in your arms for a few minutes, they do calm down and enjoy gentle pats, but the picking up process is still a work in progress. With a little bit of patience and understanding, they'll become incredibly loving piggies who come out of their shell and let their personalities shine on their own time.
Approximately 1-2 years old
 Approximately 1-2 years old
Boar (entire)
 Sow (speyed)
 American short haired
White and chocolate/lilac

ready to adopt?

Archie and Ruby are available for adoption to a non-breeding, quiet, indoor home with no or older children, with supervised time in a secure outdoors enclosure when the weather permits. A minimum floor space of 10.5 square feet (a 2x4 C&C cage) is required, though the more space you can provide the better it is for exercise and play.

Their diet should consist of high quality grass hay available to them 24/7 for unlimited grazing, 1/8th of a cup of high quality pellets (such as Vetafarm or Oxbow) per pig, per day, and one cup of fresh vegetables per pig, per day. Please avoid mixes containing seeds and "coloured bits", which are incredibly unhealthy and can be a choking hazard. Do not feed any meat or dairy products, these can be fatal to guinea pigs. A list of safe fruits and vegetables can be found at

Due to their difficult past and prior lack of human interaction, the pair will take some time to trust new people and until then they'll be a little shy and timid at their new home. Mental stimulation with various toys and foods is key so that they can learn the investigative behaviours that they were previously deprived of. Their new family must be gentle, patient and understanding of their needs.

adoption fee: $60.00

their adoption fee includes their pre-adoption vet check, mite and lice treatment, bath, groom and nail trim
If you would like to bring Archie and Ruby into your home and heart, please click below to submit an Adoption Enquiry form.