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Please note, as we're primarily a Sanctuary for guinea pigs with long term medical needs, we very rarely have guinea pigs available for adoption. If we currently don't have any guinea pigs ready for a forever home, please find a list of other guinea pig rescues HERE.

Here at Alittlebitiffy Animal Sanctuary, we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome guinea pigs from all walks of life. Some were simply no longer wanted. Some came to us malnourished, abused or neglected. Some were surrendered responsibly. And some have made it here, safe and sound, after being abandoned in the wild. We are responsible for giving these guinea pigs warmth, medical care, a healthy diet, social interactions, mental and physical enrichment, and the love and kindness they didn't receive in the past.

Shelters all across the nation work tireless to rehabilitate the animals that come into their care, and each and every person involved with loving and raising a rescue animal do so with the common goal of seeing them find a home. By adopting an animal, you may not be changing the world. But you will change the world of the animal that now knows what it's like to be a part of a family again.
Click here to see our rescue guinea pigs that are ready for forever homes
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Are you ready to adopt?

Have you ever considered adopting a guinea pig? Here are a few things to think about before bringing a new pet home.

  • Do I have permission to have guinea pigs at my residence?
  • Can I afford veterinary care if needed?
  • Do I have time to feed, clean, and spend time with my guinea pig?
  • Do I understand their dietary, housing, social and care needs?
  • Can I commit to caring for them for their entire life expectancy?

Check out our Guinea Pig Care Guide for more information!