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zippy & pip

a little bit about them

Zippy (top) and Pip (below) were born in our care on the 20th of December, 2017. They came into the world as little pocket rockets of energy, and not much has changed! Zippy and Pip love to zoom around their set-up, jump over their houses, wriggle into their tunnels and toss around their toys. Being so young, they're instinctively hesitant around new people, but the advantage of being young is that they can learn to trust people very quickly with a little bit of love and regular handling.

Both Zippy and Pip deserve a calm and quiet indoor home, with their cage preferably set up in an area where they can watch you while still avoiding loud noises such as the TV or kitchen appliances. While they're both still relatively shy around people, they do enjoy listening to you talk gently and with a little patience from their family we know it won't be long before they thoroughly enjoy lap time and cuddles.

(Please note, the photograph of Pip is from when she was just 3 days old. Her current size is similar to that of Zippy).

  December 20th, 2017
 December 20th, 2017
  Sow (entire)
 Sow (entire)
  Abyssinian cross
 Abyssinian cross
  White and chocolate
 Chocolate, gold and white

ready to adopt?

Zippy and Pip are available for adoption to a non-breeding, quiet, indoor home with no or older children, with supervised time in a secure outdoors enclosure when the weather permits. A minimum floor space of 10.5 square feet (a 2x4 C&C cage) is required, though the more space you can provide the better it is for exercise and play.

Their diet should consist of high quality grass hay available to them 24/7 for unlimited grazing, 1/8th of a cup of high quality pellets (such as Vetafarm or Oxbow) per pig, per day, and one cup of fresh vegetables per pig, per day. Until they reach 6 months of age, we'd recommend feeding pellets twice daily instead of once daily for extra nutrition for growth and development. Please avoid mixes containing seeds and "coloured bits", which are incredibly unhealthy and can be a choking hazard. Do not feed any meat or dairy products, these can be fatal to guinea pigs. A list of safe fruits and vegetables can be found at

Due to their age, the pair will take some time to trust new people and until then they'll be a little shy and timid at their new home. Mental stimulation with various toys and foods is key so that they can learn the investigative behaviours that they were previously deprived of. Their new family must be gentle, patient and understanding of their needs.

adoption fee: $40.00

their adoption fee includes their pre-adoption vet check, mite and lice treatment, bath, groom and nail trim

If you would like to bring Zippy and Pip into your home and heart, please click below to submit an Adoption Enquiry form.